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Worming through the hills (Csömödér/Páka - Vétyem - Kiscsehi - Lispeszentadorján - Törösznek)

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Teljes táv: 25 km
Össz. emelkedő:  460 m
Össz. lejtő: -450 m
Magasság max.: 328 m
Magasság min.: 158 m

Tour: Csömödér forest railway stop - direction southeast direction 7537 towards Páka - Páka southwest - turn left at Rákóczi and then Hegyalja street. - Inside the vineyard - After three chapels we turn to south and follow the red sign - We cross the Csokmai forest, Vétyem Ősbükkös - we drive towards south (near Kiscsehi) -We reach Kiscsehi and Kispeszentandorján towards Kányavár - At the branch Turn to east and finish the tour at Törösznek railway junction

Recommended period: May to end of September

The duration of a bicycle trip with the train is between 5-6 hours depending on the starting point of the program. Warning, the route contains 3 major ascents and descents, so it is recommended for cyclists with experience.



From the train station we turn to west, heading off the asphalt road. We follow the direction signs and we head towards Páka in the direction of southwest.

Páka – Háromszenteki-kápolna (chapel)

We will continue our journey from the settlement to southwest to the vineyard. At the end of the vineyard to the south of the settlement lies the Háromszenteki-kápolna (Csokma hegy). When we reach the red sign we turn our way to Vétyem. Warning on the road approx. There is a steep section of 300 meters where we can only move the bicycle.

Vétyem's Primeval

The Vétem forest fragment is a strictly protected area. Do not ride by bicycle. Worth a walk on the red sign (40-50 minutes), Departure from Vétyempuszta Woods to western direction.

The aging trees are over 190 years old, with some of the wood's huge dimensions calling attention to it. The fallen elderly individuals remain in the forest area.

We arrive to Kiscsehi by a forest that can be cycled through in a forest road. From here, touching Lispeszentadorján, head towards Kányavár.


Forest railway stop. The brook Törösznek flows south of to the Alsó-Válicka.

The route ends here (take-off to the train).

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